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Hold to Earn. Hold REWD to earn SOL


Hold to Win. Buy REWD to win SOL

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About Reward Protocol

Earn Big
Win Big

Reward Protocol stands as the pioneering platform to integrate Hold to Earn (H2E) and Hold to Win (H2W). By holding tokens, you not only earn reflections but also gain the opportunity to win a Daily Jackpot, enhancing the value and excitement of your investment.

1M REWD = 1 Ticket for Daily Jackpot

Continuous SOL Reward Airdrops

The first H2e & H2W Protocol on Solana

Paid in $SOL

Both the reflections and Jackpot are automatically sent to wallets in SOL


Converted to SOL and sent directly to your wallet


Fees are collected and sent
to the Jackpot


Our roadmap is a living document, subject to adaptation and evolution as we grow. We are committed to making Reward Protocol a leading platform in the crypto space, offering unique and lucrative opportunities for our users while maintaining the highest of standards

Phase 01


Develop, Implement and Release

  • Begin initial small-scale testing of the reward distribution systems
  • Conduct a quiet launch of the REWD token
  • Set up the primary H2E and H2W mechanisms
Phase 02

Community Building

Community Engagement and Platform Enhancement

  • Initiate targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness and attract early adopters
  • Grow community
  • Launch social media channels and community forums for engagement and feedback
Phase 03

Platform Development

Ensure the platform is up to date and add features

  • Introduce additional features and enhancements based on community feedback
  • Conduct secondary audits and implement security upgrades
  • Continue highly targeted Digital Marketing Strategy (see FAQ)
Phase 04

Innovation and Diversification

Introduction of New Features

  • Roll out advanced features like time multipliers for tickets
  • Enhance the jackpot mechanism with more frequent draws and bigger rewards
  • Add other game like features such as raffles and treasure hunts
Phase 05

Going Forward

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

  • Regularly update and upgrade the platform to stay ahead in the market
  • Keep adapting to the changing needs of our community and the crypto landscape
  • Continue highly targeted Digital Marketing Strategy (see FAQ)


Buy Now


There is a 9% fee on all transfers. 3% is automatically sent back to wallets, 3% goes to the Jackpot and 3% towards server running costs, development and marketing.

Every Day at 8pm UTC a random token holder is selected automatically and sent the full SOL pot.

We have created technical video's which transparently show how the process works during live jackpot draws

The more tokens you hold the better your chances are of winning Every 1,000,000 REWD held issues you 1 Ticket for the Jackpot

The implementation of certain multiplier factors for longer term holders is currently under development

No, the tickets will automatically be rolled over to the next day

A key feature of the H2E protocol is the automatic redistribution of a portion of the transaction fees collected

You will receive $SOL directly to your wallet for holding $REWD tokens. SOL will be airdropped multiple times per day, sometimes multiple times per hour, depending on the trade traffic and server performance

The distribution of SOL to token holders is done in a way that is proportionate to their holdings. This ensures fairness, as the more $REWD tokens a user holds, the greater their share of the rewards

Reward Protocol is built using Token-2022 Extensions for handling tax collection and distribution.

Solana Labs has released an extension to the native SPL token program, Token-2022. Token 2022 is a new standard that extends the SPL token program and adds additional functionality through Token Extensions.

The Token-2022 program is designed to be a more flexible and extensible token standard that allows for more complex tokenomics and control for developers (source,

Tax is 9% on any swap / buy / sell / transfer.

+ There may be a small % of DEX fees / slippage.

If you see any thing more than this, it's due to what is known as the ''Token 2022 UI Glitch''.

This basically just means that the displayed price impact is not correct. You can check and verify the correctness of this on the blockchain and by calculating it yourself.

$REWD holders get rewards! To calculate future potential rewards you may get, you can follow the following steps:

1. Check the volume on DEX screener or use approximate volume, for example $200K.

2. Multiply by 3% ($200,000 x 0.03 = $6,000). This is what goes into the rewards wallet.

3. Divide by your share of the total market cap. For example 20M $REWD out of the 10B market cap is a 1 / 500th share (10,000M / 20M = 500).

$6,000 daily rewards / 500 share = $12 per day.

That would be $30 per day at 500K volume, $60 per day at 1M volume, $120 per day at 2M volume etc.

When you buy back $REWD from your SOL rewards, you can potentially get a much higher APY / ROI, through the power of daily compounding.

And don’t forget the daily jackpot, for which you get 1 ticket per 1M tokens!

This is NOT Financial advice. Do your own research.

Someone asked us what the ROI of $REWD is. The ROI or APY of $REWD depends on the price at the time of investment, and on the daily volume

Let's assume someone buys 5 SOL (~$550) worth of $REWD on Feb 18th 2024, which would give them ~ 20M $REWD ($0.000025 per $REWD) after tax

And let's assume $100,000 in daily volume which is a rough average for a random day (Feb 11th - Feb 18)

$100,000 in volume generates $3,000 in rewards (3%). If you hold 20M / 10B tokens = 1 / 500th of supply. You'd make ~$3,000 / 500 = $6 per day

5 SOL invested = ~$550 so your APY on $6 per day would be 401.5%. If you compound your SOL back into $REWD it could become much more than that!

It would take ~3 months to reach $550 of rewards (91.7 days x $6 per day). The ROI would be 3 months

You'd also have 1 / 500th odds every day, on the daily jackpot, which would be ~ $3,000 at $100K volume

This ROI / APY would be lower if you have to pay more USD for $REWD in the future. It also would be less if the volume would be less than $100,000 per day.

This is NOT Financial advice. Do your own research.

Dex Screener:

Dex Tools:


reward-protocol-lp.sol /

(Liquidity Pool of $REWD; this wallet provides $REWD - $SOL liquidity to enable trades/buys/sells/swaps. The LP is 100% locked / burned).


(Fees Wallet of $REWD; this wallet collects the 9% tax, swaps it to SOL and sends it to the 3 wallets below).


(Airdrop Wallet of $REWD; this is the reward wallet which airdrops all SOL rewards to $REWD holders)


(Jackpot Wallet of $REWD; this is the wallet which collects the jackpot in SOL for the draw which takes place every day at 8pm UTC)


(Developer Wallet of $REWD; this is the wallet which funds current and future operations, development, systems and marketing of Reward Protocol)

At Reward Protocol we strive to have fair tokenomics!

✅ 100% of supply went into the LP at launch
✅ The Liquidity Pool is 100% Locked / Burned Forever
✅ Fair Stealth launch on the open market
✅ No presale to early investors
✅ No team tokens allocation

Additional benefits:
✅ No token supply kept apart to 'give' to KOL's / influencers
✅ No need to sell tokens as a Project, due to the tax income
✅ Mainly organic growth, especially in first days after launch
✅ Took measures to avoid sniper bots and early whales
✅ Jackpot process as transparent & independent possible
✅ Listening to the community for input and feedback

The team at Reward Protocol boasts over 10 years of professional experience in Digital Marketing, including leading a marketing agency.

Our marketing strategy and plan at Reward Protocol is tailored towards reaching out to the Solana-based decentralised crypto ecosystem.

3% of taxes goes into the 'Dev wallet' for operations costs and marketing. A significant portion of this is used to invest in marketing.

All the Marketing we perform is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the most effective way to reach (potential) cryptocurrency buyers.

Our focus is on onboarding influencers / Key Opinion Leaders (KOL's) in the the Solana-based decentralised crypto ecosystem.

Our focus is on KOL's with strong influence on X (Twitter), Telegram and YouTube; the the three major channels used by our target audience.

Besides this we are planning on using paid advertising on crypto focussed (and Solana focussed) digital platforms. We're also planning on utilising Google Ads, YouTube Ads and X (Twitter) Ads.

The team is furthermore planning to use Growth Marketing Techniques by working with User Generated Content (UGC) such as Rewards and Jackpot Wins for viral and digital 'word of mouth' marketing.

Although we have a highly professional and targeted marketing plan; we remain open to any additional marketing suggestions from the community

The Jackpot is drawn daily at 8PM UTC.

The winner is announced a few minutes afterwards on Telegram in the community chat group:

We also post the daily winners announcement on X (Twitter), but this can take much longer.

Alternatively you can keep an eye on the outgoing transactions from the Jackpot wallet: WiN8zRoBptk9wKzHYiGWi1foweanuQKLfHii8AtBL1K